New Rectangular Bath in Concept 10°

Despite its comfortable size of 170 cm, the bath looks subtle and makes good use of its interior space. It is light and fashionably fresh and perfectly develops the simple central idea of the entire concept: maximum simplicity of shapes and creativity with a 10° angle.


New Series of 10° Shower Enclosures

The series incorporates the best in terms of both design and quality. 10° shower enclosures feature hinges and handles made of quality metal and are equipped with a reliable sliding door system that is guaranteed to serve you long without jamming or other problems. Classic square or rectangular ground plan is currently the most popular solution. Concept 10° offers something extra to boot – new asymmetrical shower enclosure 10AP4 based on a rectangular ground plan. Its author Kryštof Nosál rotated it by 10°, allowing the enclosure to save space in the bathroom while also providing surprising amount of storage space. The asymmetrical model 10AP4 has an indented corner from the outside so that it poses no danger when passing by the enclosure, yet provides the same amount of space inside the shower enclosure as a regular rectangular shape would.


Innovated Concept BeHappy II

Exceptional solution for bathing and showering in a small space. Should you choose the innovated concept BeHappy II, you will gain a coherent set of well thought-out products that are a good fit for not just the smaller of bathrooms. That is because the concept now also offers a classically-shaped washbasin with a cabinet for your bathroom necessities. BeHappy bathroom can thus handle everything you need on a 2 m2 space, yet can stand on its own two feet even in a larger area.


Asymmetrical Chrome Bath

The Chrome concept has once again expanded and now includes an asymmetrical bath besides the classic one. The new bath is ideal for the gourmet bather. It is comfortable thanks to its gentle back sloping, offers sufficient storage space and the direction for sitting in the bath is tilted to the side to provide a better view of the bathroom space.


City Slim Bath

Comfortable yet discreet bath City, which has already begun finding its way into many bathrooms, has now received an even more elegant sibling, City Slim, with delicately fine top edge whose height of only 15 mm represents a hot design trend. City Slim also comes with a range of new tiling panels. Thus, your bath does not have to be tiled with brickwork or ceramics. All you need it to choose and purchase one of the thematically matching panels in the colour of walnut, oak, satin (polished) wood or simple white. The panel completely changes the style of the bath, features effective rounded edges, takes only a few minutes to install and is water-resistant and fully compact without any visible transitions.


Freedom W Bath

Thematically builds on the success of bath Freedom O which was introduced onto the market in 2013. The perfectly rounded curves of this bath have immediately gained the attention of customers and Freedom O became a new icon. The new Freedom W builds on these principles. It is only a few centimetres smaller (166 x 80 cm), yet that much more cosy, and offers pleasant anchorage by the wall, including the necessary storage space. Luxurious relaxation can thus be enjoyed even in a bathroom which does not allow the use of a free-standing bath.


Forms Bathroom Furniture

The new bathroom furniture Forms builds closely on trendy table top washbasins. It is based on a table top with width of 80/100/120 cm, which its author Kryštof Nosál fitted with two drawers from below. That creates a horizontal design with large amount of storage space both on the top around the washbasin and below, hidden inside the drawers. The user can therefore have complete control over how many items they wish to display in the bathroom and how many they wish to keep hidden. The cabinet with drawers is nicely complemented by a tall side cabinet with shelves and mirror with matte glass shelf.


Bathroom Furniture Natural

Cleanly elegant furniture Natural combined with cast marble washbasins fits every modern bathroom. The number of size variants and the possibilities of combining open surfaces and closed spaces predestines it to a wide range of uses. The range includes cabinets with drawers where you can quickly and easily store everything you wish to keep out of sight and open surfaces for displaying your favourite items. The concept consists of a washbasin cabinet with two drawers and two lower side cabinets with or without doors. The style of the bathroom can therefore be fine-tuned by displaying individual items and matching up the colours of the presented cosmetics or towels.


CERAMIC Washbasins

RAVAK is expanding its range of table-top washbasins with ceramics. You can now choose between two models from the Ceramic series. Both are linked by delicate shapes which stand in contrast to the robust compactness of the natural material. The round shapes of ceramic washbasin Ceramic O pleasantly balance out the austerity of right angles in the bathroom and its gentle curves comfort the eye. Ceramic washbasin Ceramic R follows the trend of modern straight lines, yet quells their sharpness, soothes and rounds them.